Nicolai Abakumtsev museum-studio

The museum is located in the country Abakumtsevyh, in the village of "Soviet Artist", almost in the forest among the trees. And if the various buildings here seem almost commonplace, the appearance of the sculptures on the edge of the forest in the beginning is breathtaking, and I can not believe in their reality. In the middle - a monumental sculpture "The Will" is totally uncharacteristic Soviet art.

Many of the ideas for design of the museum were drawn from the experience of domestic and foreign, including private museums. Museums need to see with my own eyes. Because none of the description does not convey the atmosphere of these places, filled with the spirit of creativity.

It starts with the inspection of two summer workshops. Finished works, drafts, blank, a huge set of tools, rocking chair, a hat. There is a clich? - it seems that he went away for long. The bust of Lenin, forged aluminum. This is a series of production operations, generally accepted symbols of the Soviet era: the workers, collective farmers, skiers, wrestlers, the leaders. During the workshop there are elms. One intact, as is its nature has created. Next - gravestone. This is a working model, a monument stands at the Novodevichy Cemetery.

With the open air exhibition go to the museum building. The exhibition, as well as creativity Abakumtseva is divided into four parts: work, struggle, war and a mother. To say that the monumental figures, filled with its meaning, hit - so do not say anything. "Woe," "Despair," "Rising," "Requiem," "Wind," "Music of Death" - the names of some of them. Nearly everyone wants to be a long time and reflect.

Guides and curators of the museum - the family, people who can talk endlessly about Nicholas Abakumtseve. Irina, the widow of the sculptor - a painter, Elena - a daughter, also a sculptor, a teacher of art school. The granddaughter of Martha Abakumtseva - painter, restorer of works of his grandfather, and is responsible for the organizational part of Fyodor Vasiliev, husband of Martha (the grandson of the artist Yuri Vasilyev MON, a close friend of the sculptor).





Moscow reg., Kolomna district, village Peski d.n.t. "Soviet artist", giving 3
tel.: +7 926 5421484 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


from 11.00 to 16.00 Sat - Sun (May - September), on Sat (October - April). Excursions - by prior arrangement.


From Moscow. Electric Golutvina up from the Kazan Railway Station to Station "Sands." With the platform out to the side of the first car, then go through the path and highway, move along it in the direction of electric field, pass the intersection, take the road along the two-storey houses, turn right into "Invisible" before entering the forest, there are gates in the DNT "Soviet Artist", after the end turn left, gray carved gates.
Out of Kolomna. Train to Moscow to the station. Sands, from the platform to go in the direction of the last car, cross the highway, then identical to that described above route.

From Moscow. On the route Novoryazanskoe highway. (M5) to n Rainbow, at the traffic lights turn left and drive along the main road to the village. Cherkizovo, turn right towards the village. Sands, drive across the river on the floating bridge (height limit of 2.2 meters) to move further in the third speed bumps, turn right, drive 250 meters, turn right where the entrance gate to the DNT "Soviet Artist", after the gate, immediately to the left until the end, the gray carved gates.
Out of Kolomna. On the route Novoryazanskoe highway. (M5) to n Rainbow, right at the traffic lights, then a similar way.

Longitude: 38 ° 46'12 .93 "E (38.770258)
Latitude: 55 ° 12'25 .47 "N (55.207076)

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